The Farm

Hello! This is our tourist farm, we are the Rosini family, and we manage all this! The idea of a tourist farm was born of an accident in our family, which came to a happy end and united us in giving birth to Spinabbio.

In the years around 1500 to 1600 Spinabbio belonged to the monks of the order of St.Benedict. the Benedictines lived in the monastery of St.Egidio, the mountain which overlooks Spinabbio.

St.Benedict welcomed poor people, who, with the help of the monks, succeeded in constructing families, houses, olive groves, vineyards, and chestnut groves. The house were built on the slopes of mountain, and one of them was called Spinabbio, named for the whitethorn, as the area was surrounded by whitethorn. Around the years 1700 to 1800, with the arrival of Napoleon, things changed: in fact, the monks were dispossessed of the houses, inasmuch as Napoleon thought that they should live in poverty. The monks were constrained to withdraw into monasteries, the houses were sold to noblemen, the poor people went into the servitude of the noblemen.
Spinabbio and other properties were acquired by the Count Farina di Farneta, who gave them in dowry for his daughter to the Count Venanzi, of Umbrian origin. This latter, a great gambler, lost every thing, and the properties passed into the hands of the knight Ramazzotti di Monza, who knew Spinabbio only from paper, which he had from the administrators who managed business for him. Around the year 1960 the peasants, weary of being exploited by the owners, left the mountains to go to work in the factories of the province of the Pistoia.

The lands remained uncultivated, the houses were abandoned, thus all was left to deteriorate for 25 or 30 years until the knight decided to offer the property for sale. Finally, in the face of the incredulity of the people, with a bit of luck we succeeded in buying Spinabbio. We acquired it and reconstructed it with love… the dream of our life.

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